Murphy Bailey Flicka Dusty Tiny Spirit Skye Unique Biscuit Casanoble Smokey

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Murphy's Story

  • Murphy arrived at The Scotty Foundation in 2014 at the age of 2 years old. He was purchased by Mrs. Susan originally as a personal horse and was one of the original horses at the ranch! Murphy loves to manipulate his way into being lazy horse when he doesn't want to work. He loves to just lounge around and eat apples. Being a tennessee walker, he is a gaited horse and loves to show off his prance as well!

Bailey's Story

  • Bailey came to live at the foundation in 2014 when she was 10 years old. She was purchased from an abusive ranch on the Florida coast and brought to the ranch for a new opportunity at life. Bailey is really sweet and gentle and loves to please. Because of her sweet nature, she is lower in the heard rankings and sometimes get chased around by the more dominant horses from time to time. Her best friend is Casanoble!

Flicka's Story

  • Flicka was rescued in Florida as she was left in a field to die with no food or water. She came to the ranch in 2014 when she was only 4 years old. Flicka is one of the 15,000 worldwide Rocky Mountain horses. She is the head of the herd and very dominate. Most days, she loves to gallop down the pasture and jump poles in our arena. Even though she loves to dominate, she is so sweet and gives gentle kisses to all those that ask.

Dusty's Story

  • Dusty joined the foundation in 2019 at 4 years old. He is a quarter horse, dunn mix. Dusty has the sweetest personality and will come to anyone when called. He loves head rubs and dances like a ballerina! Dusty's mom was rescued from a kill pen upon giving birth to him. He will forever be a member of the herd here at the foundation.

Tiny's Story

  • Tiny is the largest horse at The Scotty Foundation. She was rescued from Atlanta and brought to the foundation in 2017 when she was 9 years old. While her size would make her a great carriage horse, her personality was too gentle to be lugging carts around down the street. Because Tiny is so big, she eats twice as much as the other horses. Despite her size, she is often bullied by some of the more dominate horses. However, she is a gentle giant and loves everyone.

Spirit's Story

  • In 2016, Spirit’s previous owner reached out to the foundation to help take care of Spirit. She was 6 years old and had never been ridden when she arrived at the ranch. Mr. Abbey worked with Spirit and was able to send a video of her being ridden to her previous owner, before she passed. Spirit is a sweet, gentle and loving Arabian/Quarter Horse cross. She transforms into a beautiful unicorn for our birthday parties and loves all the attention the kids give her.

Skye's Story

  • Skye was born at The Scotty Foundation in September 2015. Since his mother is on site, he is very lucky to be able to stay with his mother as most young horses are taken away. He can be sweet and affectionate; however, Skye is still young and learning his manners. He is a natural jumper and sometimes you can catch him trying to clear gates on his own. He is slowly learning to work under the saddle and is most suited for our experienced riders at this time.

Unique's Story

  • In 2014, Mr. Abbey purchased Unique when she was 3 yrs old. When she came to the ranch, she was in foal and gave birth to Skye at the ranch. She was originally purchased as personal riding horse and was one of the original horses here. Unique is also a Tennessee walker like Murphy and Skye. She loves to dance in the arena to music and loves to go on trail rides. She is smart, protective and such a loving horse.

Biscuit's Story

  • Biscuit was saved by the foundation before he was euthanized for Founder Hoof disease in 2016. He was only 7 yrs old when he came to the foundation and has become one of our biggest rockstars. His condition is controlled by diet and exercise. Biscuit has a gentle, sweet, loving, carefree personality which makes him a great therapy horse. He is often seen around town when the foundation does community outreach events or special occasions involving small children.

Casanoble's Story

  • Casanoble has only been at the ranch since 2018. He came to our facility after being placed for adoption at the age of 2 and needing a special home. Because of his past, he had difficulty working with trainers but Mr. Abbey knew The Scotty Foundation was up for the challenge. Casa as he is mostly called, is slowly learning to trust humans and has been making significate progress. Because of his thoroughbred breed and blood line, he is destined for greatness. He is becoming quite the loving and affectionate horse we always saw the potential in.

Smokey's Story

  • In 2018, Smokey arrived at The Scotty Foundation after his previous owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is 10 yrs old and an appaloosa pony. Smokey is often found sneaking through gates and looking for people to hang out with. He is a feisty little spit fire and loves children. Smokey has recently taken up his past love of jumping and is now beginning to show his true colors here at the ranch.

Babe & Charlotte's Story

  • Babe and Charlotte arrived at the farm during the summer of 2018 when they were just babies. Babe is purely pink while Charlotte is brown and white. They love eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. During hot days, they will dig huge hole to lay in and cool off. Charlotte is the most dominate one, while Babe is gentle and loving.

Goldie & Cookie's Story

  • Goldie was brought to the foundation in the summer of 2018, along with her son Shadow. She had recently given birth before arriving! She is warm and loves being petted. Often times, you will find her jumping off of her tires and running along the fence line playing with Zeus. Cookie was adopted by the foundation in 2019 as a companion to Goldie after losing her son. Cookie loves animal crackers!

Chicken & Ducks

  • We have a wide variety of chickens and ducks on our farm. While all of our ducks are Muscovy ducks, we have silkie, polish and bantum chickens!