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Horse Sanctuary In Central Florida

The Scotty Foundation is a Horse Sanctuary In Central Florida. Our stables are a home to rescued horses and create a safe home for them. We believe that all horses deserve the chance to have happy, safe, and peaceful lives filled with kindness, care, and love.

Meet Some of Our Horses

The Scotty Foundation is home to some of the most stunning, beautiful horses in Central Florida. View our gallery below!


Meet Skye

Skye was born at The Scotty Foundation in September 2015. Since his mother is on-site, he is very lucky to be able to stay with his mother as most young horses are taken away. He can be sweet and affectionate; however, Skye is still young and learning his manners. He is a natural jumper and sometimes you can catch him trying to clear gates on his own. He is slowly learning to work under the saddle and is most suited for our experienced riders at this time.


Become A Volunteer!

There are always ranch chores that need to be done, and we feed the horses times a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to help. We can provide a free workout accompanied by some appreciative nickers. Or pick a horse to brush once a week- they love the interaction and soon anticipate your arrival. It’s very important to us to provide our equine friends with stimulation and human touch- it makes their lives better (and ours, too).

We are dedicated to educating and promoting a more natural harmonious interaction, of not only humans and horses, but all God’s creatures. We strive to give the animals that land in our care a new meaningful purpose in life. Our horses, and other animals, interact in the community to educate and bring awareness to responsible horsemanship.

Ensure A Forever Home For A Horse In Need