Meet Our Fallen Angels From Our Horse Rehabilitation in Orlando FL

The Scotty Foundation is a nonprofit horse sanctuary and also horse rehabilitation in Orlando FL. We are dedicated to saving horses and providing them with forever homes. Children and adults in the community gain life-enhancing skills by assisting in the rehabilitation of these horses and providing them with the loving attention they so deserve.  Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses and other animals. We also provided therapeutic benefits to those people and families who might otherwise not be in a position to gain access to these animals and to find these animals a forever home.

Meet some of our fallen angels that we have also lost over the years.

The Scotty Foundation is a non-profit organization based on Christian values. We are dedicated to educating and promoting a more natural harmonious interaction, of not only humans and horses, but all God’s creatures. We also offer free horseback rides because we believe in offering opportunities to those who don’t have them. Additionally, The Scotty Foundation provides horse rehabilitation in Orlando FL.

Support Our Horses

It costs several thousands of dollars a year to support each of our horses. We also provide food, veterinary care, shelter, training, and lots of love! Your donation will truly make a difference in the life of a horse. Please help to make The Scotty Foundation a truly forever sanctuary for rescued horses. We bring the horses it saves to the rescue sanctuary/ranch to help them to recover, heal, and return to good physical, mental, and also emotional health. The Scotty Foundation ranch is also such a special and peaceful sanctuary and it also plays a critical part in the overall well-being of these horses. Additionally, we keep growing and we hope that you will consider a donation in support of the preservation of the existing rescue sanctuary property.

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