Animal Rescue Donations Needed


Help Our Horses

If your someone who loves animals and would like to support a local non-profit. We have one that could use your kindness and help. The Scotty Foundation horse sanctuary. This Foundation is dedicated to saving horses, pigs, goats, and any other animal they can.

The Scotty Foundation was a gem hidden in plain sight. The foundation owners Susan and Abbey have dedicated their lives, time, money, and hard work to help families Children’s, basically, anyone have the chance of loving, riding, and taking care of these gentle giants.

Donating to animal rescues

Donations are necessary for almost all nonprofit organizations to operate, but this is especially true for animal rescue organizations and shelters. With so many homeless dogs and little to no support from the government, private donations are the backbone of these places.

How to make a donation to Scotty Foundation

Super simple, just visit our website! Click the link here to visit the Scotty Foundation website. Please help to make The Scotty Foundation a truly forever sanctuary for rescued horses. We bring the horses it saves to the rescue sanctuary/ranch to help them to recover, heal, and return to good physical, mental, and also emotional health.

The Scotty Foundation ranch is such a special and peaceful sanctuary and it also plays a critical part in the overall well-being of these horses. Additionally, we keep growing and we hope that you will consider a donation in support of the preservation of the existing rescue sanctuary property.

Who is Scotty Foundation?

The Scotty Foundation is dedicated to educating and promoting a more natural harmonious interaction, of not only humans and horses, but all God’s creatures. We strive to give the animals that land in our care a new meaningful purpose in life.

Our horses, and other animals, interact in the community to educate and bring awareness to responsible horsemanship. We provide shelter, food, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and shelter for the horses in our care. Our organization also offers long-term sanctuary to disabled and elderly horses and animals.

Importance of horse sanctuary

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses and other animals. Our staff also provides therapeutic benefits to those people and families who might otherwise not be in a position to gain access to these animals and to find these animals a forever home.

Currently, we are building a core group of young horses, training them with love to our specifications, and also working to provide free access to children and adults with little or no experience. Additionally, we continue to help rehabilitate and rehome all the animals we felt we could help, cats and dogs included.

What can you Donate?

Hay/Feed for Horses

If you think our dogs and cats go through lots of food, our horses eat twice as much. A horse should eat 1.5% to 3% of its body weight daily. That means if a horse weighs 1000 pounds, then it should eat 15-30 pounds of dry forage (hay) food daily. Most horses weigh between 1000 and 1300 pounds. So that means they should eat 15 to 39 pounds of food daily. We currently house 14 horses. Our 14 horses consume 80 bales of hay a month. Each bale averages about 100 pounds. So that’s 267 pounds of hay per day, 8,000 pounds of hay per month, and 96,000 pounds per year!

Cleaning Supplies

Ah, cleaning supplies… This doesn’t need too much of an explanation, does it? Before heading to the store, give your local shelter a call and find out what they’re low on now. Who knows, you may make their day with a fresh bottle of dish soap.

 Flea and Tick Treatment

Animals that end up in rescue shelters often have fleas or ticks and require treatment. This has to be done as soon as they are admitted to prevent further infections, which means that shelters always need flea and tick treatment products.

Grooming Supplies

Animals in shelters must be groomed often to stay healthy and beautiful. Also, most of the animals that come here for the first time are dirty and have long, thick fur that needs to be cut and washed. There are many grooming products you can donate, such as shampoos, combs, brushes, nail clippers, haircutting scissors, etc.

Pet Food and Treats

The biggest chunk of any foundation budget is spent on food, especially if there are many animals in the ranch. Donate pet food or treats to make a difference — just make sure that all the food has not expired or gone bad and hasn’t been recalled.

You don’t have to donate pet food specifically; you can also donate things like peanut butter, canned tuna, hot dogs, fresh vegetables, etc. Even meat-based baby food is a good choice since shelters often mix it with dry dog food.


All animals love toys, so donate any old or new pet toys to keep those homeless dogs and cats entertained and happy. Make sure to donate clean toys or toys that can be disinfected and washed frequently. Don’t give inappropriate toys, unsafe or toxic toys, or those that break down immediately.