Orlando volunteer with animals

Are you an animal lover? Do you like working with, being around, and helping animals? Well, we know a local non-profit that is in need of your assistance. Become a volunteer for the Scotty Foundation horse sanctuary!

Do you love horses? Have a little bit of free time on your hands? You should consider volunteering for a local horse rescue. There are so many wonderful benefits to volunteering at The Scotty Foundation in Apopka, FL.

Help Horses In Need

When you volunteer for an equine rescue, you will have the chance to help horses in need. From feeding and grooming to cleaning stalls, you’ll feel great about knowing that you’re helping to provide these horses with the care that they need.

Put Your Time to Good Use

Volunteering at a rescue is a great use of your time. Instead of being bored or watching more TV, volunteering lets, you accomplish some great things and means that your time goes to good use. Volunteering is an excellent way to expand your own talents and knowledge. When you volunteer you may have the chance to learn new skills, such as grant writing or basic horse training.

Horse & Animal Rescue

We provide shelter, food, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and shelter for the horses in our care. Our organization also offers long-term sanctuary to disabled and elderly horses and animals. We need reliable volunteers. We are looking for people who are willing to share their time and talent. From animal lovers to carpenters to fundraisers and roofers, we need you.

About Our Horses


Skye was born at The Scotty Foundation in September 2015. Since his mother is on-site, he is very lucky to be able to stay with his mother as most young horses are taken away. He can be sweet and affectionate; however, Skye is still young and learning his manners. He is a natural jumper and sometimes you can catch him trying to clear gates on his own. He is slowly learning to work under the saddle and is most suited for our experienced riders at this time.

Murphy’s Story

Murphy arrived at The Scotty Foundation in 2014 at the age of 2 years old. Mrs. Susan originally purchased him as a personal horse and he was one of the original horses at the ranch! Murphy loves to manipulate his way into being a lazy horse when he doesn’t want to work. This horse loves to just lounge around and eat apples. Being a Tennessee walker, he is a gaited horse and loves to show off his prance as well!

Bailey’s Story

Bailey came to live at the foundation in 2014 when she was 10 years old. She was purchased from an abusive ranch on the Florida coast and brought to the ranch for a new opportunity in life. Bailey is really sweet and gentle and loves to please. Because of her sweet nature, she is lower in the heard rankings and sometimes gets chased around by the more dominant horses from time to time. Her best friend is Casanoble!

Tiny’s Story

Tiny is the largest horse at The Scotty Foundation. She was rescued from Atlanta and brought to the foundation in 2017 when she was 9 years old. While her size would make her a great carriage horse, her personality was too gentle to be lugging carts around down the street. Because Tiny is so big, she eats twice as much as the other horses. Despite her size, she is often bullied by some of the more dominant horses. However, she is a gentle giant and loves everyone.

Flicka’s Story

Flicka was rescued in Florida as she was left in a field to die with no food or water. She came to the ranch in 2014 when she was only 4 years old. Flicka is one of the 15,000 worldwide Rocky Mountain horses. She is the head of the herd and very dominant. Most days, she loves to gallop down the pasture and jump poles in our arena. Even though she loves to dominate, she is so sweet and gives gentle kisses to all those that ask.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses and other animals. Our staff also provides therapeutic benefits to those people and families who might otherwise not be in a position to gain access to these animals and to find these animals a forever home. Currently, we are building a core group of young horses, training them with love to our specifications, and also working to provide free access to children and adults with little or no experience. Additionally, we continue to help rehabilitate and rehome all the animals we felt we could help, cats and dogs included.

Volunteer or Donate today! Anything can help.

Please help to make The Scotty Foundation a truly forever sanctuary for rescued horses. We bring the horses it saves to the rescue sanctuary/ranch to help them to recover, heal, and return to good physical, mental, and also emotional health. The Scotty Foundation ranch is such a special and peaceful sanctuary and it also plays a critical part in the overall well-being of these horses. Additionally, we keep growing and we hope that you will consider a donation in support of the preservation of the existing rescue sanctuary property.